102: See the traces that you leave


As channeled:

“Be clear, now, and know that not all seeing is done with your eyes.  And be clear that even when you see with your eyes, you also see with your SOUL.

This is a pairing that you DO use – your eyes and your soul, working together, as intended. But because your world does not speak to you of this and does not train you to actively use your body and soul together, it is left to chance far too often.

Here is a lesson that requires you to see with your eyes and your soul: Learn to see the traces that you leave on others.

In your daily interactions with others, learn to see what you leave on others and what they leave on you. Have each of your interactions been to the betterment of detriment of the other?

Has the interaction left you a more advanced, brighter being? Or has it left you with a scar, a dent, or soiled an in need of cleaning to regain your brightness?

As you go about your life, watch with your eyes, and see your interactions with your soul. See yourself as your soul, and others as theirs.

Stand back and watch others and see if you can see the traces that we leave on each other in small to larger interactions.

Watch what we do to each other, it is true of the worlds beyond yours, and it is true of your world as well.

This information does not go away. It is our true nature, and the true nature of the way of the collection of souls. Take this information and go back into your world.”


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