Love is Power – Love is “in” and can change the world


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From Beyond Perspective:  Simple. True. Concise.  A better message for life and living!

These are fun products with a very powerful, spiritual brand. And they are certainly in alignment with what you will find on Beyond Perspective! (see Getting Started #9.)

It is too easy to get caught up in the negativity that exists in the incarnate world that we live in. But each of us can do our part to break through the patterns of fear and negativity in our own way. The Love is Power products are a fun way to push a better message, and that is why they are included as a resource within Beyond Perspective.


From Love is Power:    WHY LOVE IS POWER?

Do you think of the ’60s when you hear the Power of Love? Speed up 57 years to the modern Power of Love. Welcome to our store. Hate, anger, judgments, bad attitudes and bad hairdos are just old school. Now, love is “in” and can change the world. Are you one of those people who is just OVER IT with negativity? Then show where you stand and make people think by rocking our Love Is Power apparel.

Julia Assante – The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death

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From Beyond Perspective:  Learn to recognize communications. Julia Assante’s book titled “The Last Frontier” provides excellent, matter of fact, descriptions of common types of spirit communication that you might encounter when learning to recognize communications that are coming your way. Her book begins with discussions about “we do not die,” but it is the later chapters where she provides these descriptions. I do not know Julia, but I know when I read someone who is excellent at putting words to things in a way very similar to how I have experienced them. No need for me to attempt repeat all of her hard work!


From Amazon:  Knowledge of the afterlife can trigger dazzling transformations in body, mind, and spirit. It unleashes our authentic selves, radically resets our values, and deepens our sense of life purpose. From it we discover that the real nature of the universe is the very essence of benevolence. In this comprehensive work, Julia Assante probes what happens when we die, approaching with scholarly precision historical and religious accounts, near-death experiences, and after-death communication. She then presents convincing evidence of discarnate existence and communication with the dead and offers practical ways to make contact with departed loved ones to heal and overcome guilt, fear, and grief.

Winner of a 2013 Nautilus Gold Award in the category of grieving / death & dying

SATORI Expressions – Spiritual and fine art communications

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From Beyond Perspective: Satori Expressions cards are works of spiritual and fine art! By their very nature, they are inspired to help you communicate from your heart and foster soul-to-soul connections. This is why they are included as a resource within Beyond Perspective.

In the fast-paced, digital age, when we spend the time to select a greeting card, write a message in it, address it, stamp it, and get it to a mailbox – we are usually doing it because the effort that it takes is worth it. We want to accomplish something.

The statement behind all of this effort shows that we want to demonstrate depth – a depth beyond what a quick message sent in text or email format would yield.

The Satori cards support you by giving you more than what you can find in commercially available greeting cards. The messages within the Satori cards come from a spiritual core and springboard you into adding your own.


From Satori:  Satori Expressions offers a full line of fine art greeting cards with original sentiments that touch the spiritual nature of our humanness. Cards are vibrant in color that evokes emotion. Michelle Grove-Reiland, Owner/Creator