101: Purpose – Presenting opportunities to see


As channeled:

“If you could see what we can see; if you could see what I see…what a different world you would find yourself in!

You would have to acknowledge and understand so much more about yourselves. And with that new understanding, you could no longer brush it all aside – as you have been permissioned to do in your world as it is now.

When suddenly you see, and you acknowledge, and you understand…you no longer have use of that permission. You encounter it over and over again, until you master. And from this new level of mastery you can see more… and the process continues.

This…this is soul development. It is the process that is used with each of us, in our own ways, along our own paths, to higher and brighter.

There are aspects of yourselves and of your surroundings, and those around you that I want to share with you so that you can see. So that your own advancement and evolution can no longer be stunted by those permissions granted to you by your cultures and your systems of educating yourselves.

I come to you to teach you to see for yourselves, to perceive yourselves, your surroundings, and the others around you with more clarity. It will ultimately be up to you – your choice – your free choice – to take up the information within yourself. To choose to consider it, or ignore it. The choice is yours alone, and the information will be waiting for you, once again, when you find yourself willing to take it into yourself and to use it, apply it, and allow your own soul advancement, as it will be for you in your own journey higher and brighter.

And now, having stated my purpose to you, I will advance to you opportunities. Opportunities to see, to perceive, to understand yourselves and awaken to what you truly have not been allowed – that which you have been permissioned to ignore and have been distracted from making use of for your own soul’s gain.”

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