9. Guiding Principle: Understand love as a powerful, governing force

Energy bolts in a heart shapeLove is something that people have had a hard time defining—since forever.  And I am certainly not going to take on the challenge!  But I cannot write about my experiences with spirits and spirit communication without discussing love because it is so pivotal.

I continually bump into love as a powerful force and a guiding principle that impacts us all—across dimensions.  Love is so much more than just the romantic or familial love that we so often identify with the word.

The further I go as a medium,

  • The more places I see where love guides, governs, or explains some aspect of what I am encountering.
  • The more I find that it is not static—it continues to get deeper and deeper. Just when I think that I could not be impacted by love to any greater depth, I am—it gets deeper and stronger.  It has moved me to some next depth.
  • The more that I think of it as THE leading, governing force across dimensions.  It pulls, guides, and governs so much, and yet it is so difficult to describe or define.

Purple energy boltThere is a 1-2-3 regarding love that I want to call out—something that I have picked up along the way and put together based upon my experiences.  For those dealing with grief and loss of a loved one, this may be of interest.

  • First, I want to call out that love travels between dimensions; it is not limited to just the dimension we happen to be in.  It is everywhere, and does not appear to be slowed down or even phased as it passes between dimensions.
  • Second, love acts as a connector between souls/spirits, regardless of what dimension the souls/spirits are in.  And even if you have a strong love connection to someone, you can continue to add more and more connections of love to them—even across dimensions.  Love relationships can, and do, live on despite differences in our “dimensions of residence.”
  • Third, and a personal favorite, is that for those of us with someone we love in a different dimension, we can send love from ourselves to them, and they can feel it.  The reverse is true—that they can send it our way, and if we are clear headed and not overly distracted by life in this dimension, we can feel it.  It appears to me, from the experiences that I have had, that while it can be sent back and forth, that it is easier for them to pick up on it coming from us at a “lower” incarnate level when it heads “up” to them, than it is when they send it “down” to us.  The more connection(s) that you have to your loved one the easier it seems to be.

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