8. Guiding Principle: Like attracts like

Two owls on a branch in falling snowThe principle of Like Attracts Like will be something that I will refer to when I describe or explain what I have learned through my experiences and communications with spirit.  It is a common “aha” theme that often comes up as a side note for me, as I see it play out over and over.

You have probably heard Like Attracts Like a million times—it is an old one.  But allow me to expand on it.  This principle takes on a much deeper aspect when we consider it in light of understanding communication with spirits and in light of better understanding of their dimensions and their perspectives

Like Attracts Like is more powerful than how we often think about it here in the incarnate dimension.  It governs more.

  • It applies to us in our incarnate dimension,
  • It applies to sprits in their respective dimensions, and
  • It applies to us ALL as spirits, if we cross dimensions to communicate with one another.

Here in our dimension, we can see this play out—just go people watching.  Notice how much this principle plays out in how you see “birds of a feather flock together.”  Notice how people that are dissimilar (by some measure) tend to not flock together or do not do so for an extended period of time.  Sometimes what appears dissimilar really does have something similar that is holding the power of Like Attracts Like, and we may not readily see it.  It is comforting to be around others that are like us in some way.  Seems simple enough.  But it goes deeper than that.

Hot air balloonsSpirits, likewise, will “rise or sink” (for lack of better analogy) to their own level of comfort where they are around others that are similar.  From my experience, this comes into play when you consider a soul’s level of spiritual development.

  • If you think about it in terms of how spiritually advanced someone may be (incarnate or disincarnate), like spirits find comfort around others that are similarly advanced and interested in the same things.
  • Spirits that are less developed will likely NOT be comfortable around spirits that are more advanced and they are likely not interested in the same things.  The more advanced spirits will assist the less developed in their growth upward, but will not tolerate lying, deception and ill intent—it is readily seen and not acceptable.
  • From what I have been able to perceive, it takes a lot of active effort for a less developed spirit to rise and interact with the more advanced.  The effort appears to be that of the work necessary to evolve and advance oneself.  It is an active choice to do the work, and from what I have perceived feels much in line with what is illustrated through the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
  • I have also seen it play out that spirits (incarnate or disincarnate) that are negative attract other negatives of their level.  And those that work to keep elevated (sometimes states as reflecting the light, or vibrating higher, etc.) will attract others that are at that level.

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