7. Guiding Principle: Lying and deception can be seen

Goldfish wearing a shark finI like this one.  I wish our incarnate dimension had more of this than we do here. Let me explain what I have learned through my experiences, as it will assist you to understand more about what you may read on Beyond Perspective.

Spirit communication does not rely on us speaking words aloud, or even using words at all.  Likewise, spirits do not need to use words when communicating with us.

The principle boils down to this:  those in the spirit dimension(s)

  • Can hear our thinking; and
  • Can see our truths, our lies, and (very importantly) our real intensions.

What this means is that we cannot hide our thoughts for the most part—they can read them quite readily.  And as far as lies, deception or seeing our real intensions, if it is not already apparent via our thoughts, they seem to be able to “read” it on us—as if it is written into the energy that is around us.  I do not know exactly how they do this—but I do intend on finding out once I get there!  From what I have gathered, it is pretty obvious to them. I have not had any need to hide anything from the positive, loving spirits that I know, but as I began understanding how they understood me so easily, this principle became more and more apparent.

A few side notes that come to mind and that I think are worth mention:

  • Just think about what a huge change it would be if this were how it worked here in our dimension!  I would like to think it would make us all better to each other.
  • When I first really grasped this concept, I was embarrassed about how scattered and dumb my thoughts must appear to those in spirit.  How embarrassing some of my thoughts might be!  But, as for the spirits that I have communicated with, they seem to understand how we think, how thoughts go around in our heads, and do not seem to be upset by it at all.  They appear be able to “sift or sort through it all” and focus on the relevant.  From my experiences, it does not seem to phase them, but it sure did phase me when I really grasped it!  (It can really shift your reality when you realize that what you thought was the private world of your mind is actually quite public!)  Perhaps their thinking works like this too, and it is just “natural” for them to read through clutter regardless.

Businessman wearing a maskA callout to safety during spirit communications as well as a callout to using good consumerism skills:  It is important to keep in mind that spirits, particularly ones that may have questionable intensions, ARE able to try to deceive/lie/skew the truth to us in the incarnate dimension in ways that they could not pull off with others in the spirit dimension(s).  This is because we, in the incarnate dimension, are not equally able to read thoughts and see lies/deception/intent to the level that they can.  It can make us vulnerable.

  • Take time to get to know who is communicating.  Allow the spirit to prove out their intensions over time and repeated, consistent experiences.  Just like people in this dimension, their behaviors will demonstrate their credibility and intensions better than their “words” can.
  • It is possible to be deceived by spirits claiming to be someone they are not.  But, in my experiences, I have found that there are things that they have NOT been able to fake successfully (more on that in a later posting).  And I use those things as tests to do my best to validate a spirit’s identity at times where I need to discern.  The spirits that I communicate with understand, they do not become ruffled, and they do not rush me through discernment or my wanting to validate.  I have found that those that get ruffled or want to rush me are acting that way for a reason.  This can be a good, precautionary test that you can use.

Now that I have discussed this principle, let me move forward and help you to consider the next one (Like Attracts Like), as it has important ties to this one (Lying and Deception Can Be Seen).

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