6. Guiding Principle: Never limit a soul

Dirt crossroads in the countryI want to call out a few guiding principles/laws that, in my experience, seem to consistently come into play the more I communicate with spirits and learn.

The first is what I will call “Never Limit a Soul.”  I read this term somewhere years ago, and I would love to credit the source if only I knew it.  I had forgotten about it, until one day it just became very apparent as I was evolving my understanding of what is possible.  Allow me to explain.

If you read a number of books that are available online or in book stores, or if you interact with a number of people that communicate with spirits, or if you work in some facet of metaphysics (or religion for that matter), it is not difficult to locate those that seem to promote “This is how it works for everyone” or “here is exactly what happens when…”  A one-size-fits-all, or a one-process-fits-all insight is given.  I have encountered many of these types of books, web sites, and people.  I do not always disagree with them.  HOWEVER…

In my experience, I do not see exact recipes, exact steps that all spirits follow.  There appear to be many paths that can be traveled, and that paths are choices that carry opportunities.  There are many ways that things can be done.  As we learn to comprehend the world of spirit, we should not limit ourselves to assuming that higher spirits are limited in which route should be used to guide and evolve others.  That we, as souls, each have unique needs and situations for our longer-term growth, and a single path/process that appears to be the truth for one soul may not be a good fit for another.

What is best for the ongoing development and evolution of each unique soul is not for us to judge, as we are not in the position to discern.  Entities higher than us carry those responsibilities.  Our vision and level of comprehension are just not there.

When communicating with spirit, I often encounter a new situation or I encounter new information that makes me take a step back and say “huh…who’d of thunk!”  Or I encounter something that just perplexes me.  In these times, I have found that it can be helpful to:

  • Step back;
  • Consider that I may not have the accessed the full picture;
  • Remember that I am perceiving, but that I am likely not the responsible party; and
  • Consider the guiding principle of “Never Limit a Soul.”

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