5. Reconsider referring to someone as a ghost or their visits as a haunting

Heart drawn in condensation on a windowThere are certainly spirits without bodies that may act or live in a way that falls in line with what we think of when we use the words “ghost” or “haunted.”  I am not going to state that there are not spirits (that have their own issues) that fit that description.

But my experiences and communications with those in spirit do not fit these terms, and the word ghost, to me, is derogatory.  Haunting, as a ghostly activity, would then be a negative term also.

Consider this situation.  You pass back to spirit, and you love your spouse and you draw near to him there in his incarnate dimension.  Are you a ghost?  No, you are you.  You are traveling to where he is located to see him, be with him, comfort him, and communicate to him if you can.  You miss him too.  You may return to him, going back to your own dimension between.  You are a spirit; you are not a ghost.  Your actions are a continuation of your loving relationship; they are not hauntings.

Are there spirits that may qualify as what we say is a ghost, and is what they may be doing called haunting?  Perhaps, but pause before using the terms and discern the difference.

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