4. I use, but do not like, the words: incarnate/disincarnate

Bare feetThese words work well, but feel a bit self-centered—as if our incarnate dimension should be used as the main reference point for every other spirit.  In my experiences in communicating with those that live in other dimensions, they may reference when they were incarnate, but it is really more of a side-note.  My feeling is that the words incarnate/disincarnate just seem a bit naïve and culturally self-centered or self-important to me.  There is so much beyond our dimension!

But these are more difficult words to avoid, because they work really well to state whether or not a soul is attached to a body in our dimension or not.  During communications, this can be really important information.  Often a spirit will make reference to when they were last in body in order to help others identify them.  Spirits will also refer to others, and in this case it is important to understand whether the other soul they are discussing is attached to a body or not.  Incarnate and disincarnate can be very helpful terms, and I have to use them too.

I use these words to identify “in-body/not-in-body.”   This aspect has utility without appearing naïve or culturally insensitive.

As a side benefit, when dealing with nuisance sprits, I actively let them know that I understand that there are many dimensions (lower and higher), that I am able to communicate to a number of them, and that I am not naïve about spirit life or helpless just because I am happen to be a soul that is “locked” in a body with its limited sensory perceptions.

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