3. I do not like the word “dead”

Sapling growing out of a tree stumpYes, I completely understand why we use this word.  But it is so incredibly wrong!  In fact, there are many times that I feel like spirits that have left the confines of an incarnate body are actually much more alive than we (incarnate) are.  (More on that later.)

When a soul/spirit leaves the body, we say that the person is dead.  Dead.  No more.  Gone.  I understand why we use this term.  But I do not like it because it perpetuates false understanding.  A spirit/soul that is not attached to a body is not dead!  It is jut not attached to a body that lives in our (often self-centered) incarnate dimension in the way that we, in-body souls do.  I say self-centered because so few consider that that there are other dimensions where living occurs, and mistakenly feel that life/living only happen here.

Yellow tulips in frostThat certainly does not mean that we do not grieve.  From a medium’s perspective, we grieve because we can no longer be in the same dimension, feel as close, see each other, live and share life together as we had been.  It is very upsetting to no longer have those you love with you as they were!  We miss them, and it hurts.

I cannot stress enough that these souls are very much NOT dead.  Their form and their dimension-of-residence have shifted.  Their personalities, love, social skills, etc. appear quite the same.  I find this fascinating!

As the love of my life told me early on in our communicating across dimensions, “I am just like you, but don’t have that same (physical/dense) body.”

The term “dimension-of-residence” should be credited to a shaman friend of mine who constantly reminds me that I must learn to enjoy, and find it okay to enjoy, my own dimension-of-residence, until it is my own time to leave the body and join my love in his dimension.  Until then, he and I work across dimensions.  Love travels across the “veil” between dimensions, like electricity travels wires! Remember that.

I cannot stress enough that they are NOT dead.  We need better words.

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