2. Who is the advanced spirit?

Open hand extended…A bit of a complicated question to answer for you at the launch of Beyond Perspective.  He “lightly” revealed himself to me at first, but confirmed to me who he is much later after I learned to dialog and trust over repeated experiences.  For now, I need to side-step a direct answer and not provide a name—as the name would refer to him only according an incarnate lifetime and not who he is in spirit.  It is important for me to step back and allow him to be the one to determine, with his own timing, how he would like this to be answered in light of the information that he will provide.  I can tell you that his intent, as shared to me, is that he wants you to place more value on the information he provides.  In his words, “The value of the information is more important than focusing on a name.”  My recommendation to you is just go with it for now, and just focus on considering the information that he shares.  In my experiences with him over time, he is always right, and the history is that he doesn’t yield to the incarnate that have given him silly challenges.  He will be patient and wait for you to absorb the information, and will wait until you have grown enough to be able to take in more.

In the short term, the answer is no—he is not God, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mohammad, etc.  However, I know him to be very spiritually advanced.  The fact that I am a channel for him is certainly an honor, but could feel scary and daunting if I was to focus on the responsibility that comes with the role he has for me in channeling information and making it available to a wide audience.  Regardless, I am excited to be the channel because through this work I have the opportunity to expand and develop myself.  And, on top of this, this spirit is absolutely incredible to be near!

The presence and communication of this spirit are NOT characterized by any ominous feelings; there is no negativity, fear, fire, or brimstone here.  To the contrary!  This spirit, while being highly advanced, is so skilled that his presence is dominated by love and compassion for me and for what my life is like in this dimension (incarnate life/living).  This spirit has a great sense of humor—like a warm and loving parent that is able to stand back and laugh at things WITH you as you take on new challenges and skills.  He is excited when you master something, and he is supportive when you flounder—particularly if you can share your own good sense of humor back his direction as you learn.

Interacting with him, while a great responsibility, is highly enjoyable.  My interactions have tended to be brief in duration (probably under 10 minutes as far as I am aware), but they are frequent.  They are highly enjoyable, but would be very overwhelming if they were longer in duration because what is provided and/or experienced is often quite new and requires me to take pause to fully grasp, absorb, and/or “live it with it a bit.”  He seems to know exactly how to dose things out, according to his need or according to a maximum that I can take.

He feels of love, compassion, serious strength, and fun.  I say fun, because for me these interactions are really great fun.  Some people like amusement park rides, that are scary/thrilling and afterwards they say “Hey, that was fun!”  The same thing for is true for me here.  During the interactions I am “all in” and experiencing it.  Afterwards, the feeling of “Wow that was so cool/fun” comes.

I have no plans to ever resist the communications and experiences that he provides.  His level of advancement, his approach, his ways of understanding me and pacing my development indicate that he is a spirit of consistency and worthy of my trust.

Important Note:  Not all spirit entities should be fully trusted; just like not all incarnate people in our dimension can be fully trusted.  I have learned, and continue to learn, the importance of knowing whom I am dealing with when communicating with spirit.  Repeated interactions with others over time allow us to learn to trust, and this is true here in this dimension as well as with those that are in a different dimension.  It is part of what must always be considered.

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