126: Love and Mediumship – What love feels like from a higher dimension

This posting is from me, Eric, and is about things that I have learned through experiences and communications about life/love in the spirit world(s) compared to our incarnate/physical dimension.

The topic of love is too overwhelming and too large to write about in general terms – as stated in the Getting Started section 9. Understanding love as a powerful, governing force.

But there are some aspects of love that I would like to call out and share, in hopes that it may benefit someone, somewhere. I am the type who feels that keeping it in – keeping it to myself – is of no benefit to others. It’s just not my nature to not share this type of stuff!

A few years back, before this whole Eric-as-a-medium thing came to me, and before I had any clue just how far this thing would be going, the person/spirit that I am close to and have daily interactions with started coming through to me with communications. Specifically, the communications to me were about love. And it is time for me to share some insights that I know – things that stem back all the way to these first communications from him that came through clearly and started me on this journey.

Allow me to give a couple of basics that will be needed to understand me, understand spirit communication/mediumship, and that will be needed to understand what I will write from here, onward.

  • As noted in the About section under An Important Note About Consumerism, every medium has their own personality and their own skill sets. My skills did NOT start with hearing words or receiving what I would call communication streams. When he first broke through to me, it was through dream visitations – very different kinds of dreams with detail and interactions that I can still recall today (unlike other dreams that tend to fade).


  • After his breaking through via dreams, my primary skill at the time was to feel him near – so close that it felt that I could reach out and touch him with ease. I could feel him near in a very kinesthetic way, and I would have to say that one of my primary communication routes is kinesthetic communication.


  • After I began to understand what was occurring, other communication routes/skills began to open/develop, and these added layers of routes by which he (and others later on) use to communicate with me. There are many routes into me – and spirits use different approaches with me. It seems to vary by the content of the communication they share, what their preferences may be, and what I may be able to best attend to (pay attention to) in that moment. See Chapter 4 of Julia Assante’s book titles “The Last Frontier” if you want to learn more about some ways that communications can come through. Her descriptions are very inline with what my experiences have been. I have had almost all the ones that she lists, and a many others that are not listed. Her descriptions are excellent, and I think they are helpful if you are just starting to come into your own experiences.


  • When he visits me during awake times, I feel him very quickly now – unless he is choosing to “stand back” and just watch, staying just out of my radar area so to speak.


With that all said, let me continue on with the topic of this posting – Love.


In those early days, when he knew that I understood that it was him, and that I knew that he was there with me, but when he also knew that I couldn’t quite understand him (he could understand me just fine), he communicated what I can only describe as having love poured on me and over me. It felt as though it came from above me, and it poured down over me. It didn’t feel wet – it felt like a heavier/dense “cloud” of his love for me, pouring down over me. And there I sat in my chair in astonishment, having NEVER felt THIS KIND OF LOVE BEFORE… EVER.

  1. It was HIS love for ME – not just love in general.
  2. It was a love so pure – so purely loving me – without restrictions.
  3. It was a feeling (kinesthetic at the same time also emotional) that I had never had before, and it is hard to describe.
  4. It was a new add-on communication route that he used to build on the fact that I knew kinesthetically that he was there with me.
  5. I also learned, quickly, that I can send the same message back – not that I will know exactly how it felt/feels for him. But by sending it back, he knows that it is mutual, and cycles right back to him. As we give, receive, give, receive, it becomes a very tight circuit of one-on-one love exchanged between us, using those same routes of communication.

These were some of my initial, intense, surreal experiences through what I/we found to be my primary, natural skills (routes into me).

Now, for the rest of this posting, I want to see if I can put words to what this love feels like, and most importantly, what love from a higher dimension can feel like. Because it is, pardon the pun, beyond anything that I have ever felt here in the physical dimension.

I do think that two souls in the incarnate can have this kind of love – pure and uninterrupted by the constraints and realities that come with living in the physical dimension. But I think it is extremely rare, and nearly impossible to maintain due to the constraints and realities that we experience as part of our cultures and living/surviving in the physical dimension.

Allow me to explain.

When love is shared like he did (and does) through the route that I described, it is extremely simple – it is not complicated. It does not have a lot of factors that have to be considered and/or managed. It feels so simple and basic – it is love with all of the bullshit removed. It is an expression of his very deep, very intense, knock-you-on-your-ass extreme love for me. Simple, not complex. Pure, without anything else added – nothing required on my part but to feel it and take it in and accept. It is personal – his soul to mine – exclusively.

There really are not good words that can convey the feeling of this love. I struggle to find words when writing this posting. So instead, I am trying to use metaphor, and also trying to use words to explain the process. I am also trying to explain the simple, pure, and intense nature by telling you what it is NOT.

It is so pure that it feels “unearthly.”

I think as souls in the incarnate, we have the ability to love this same way here – but it is extremely difficult. And… it makes me think that this factor alone may be a big reason of why this physical/incarnate dimension can be used by souls for development/advancement. It appears to me that:


  • If you can master it here, in a land of constraints and physical realities, then you really are proving that you have accomplished something.


  • The more we learn about love from those beyond this dimension, the more armed we are to act healthier and to love others better.


My Personal Perspective: I really didn’t consciously know this level of love until it hit me WITHOUT all of the bullshit constraints and realities that are part of this physical dimension. I say bullshit constraints/realities because I loathe them (stated with a smile), as I think about how people/souls COULD be treating each other.

But I do see how they may be functioning as things/obstacles to master in this dimension. This would be a more positive view – that they may be functioning as opportunities to master when learning about love. This would fall in line with the philosophy that the physical dimension functions as a school for soul development.

Knowing and experiencing his love, from him in his dimension to me in mine… It has been life changing. I will never be the same, and I cannot fathom going back to not knowing this kind of love.

It has been the most incredible gift experienced through mediumship.

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