124: Some Life Direction and Some Fun at My Expense – A spirit’s experience learning to channel/auto-write through me

Intro note from Eric: I am sharing this posting so that you can see what it was like for me to channel/auto-write for the first time with a new spirit (he is not the advanced spirit that has been channeling with me to date). This spirit is not new to me – just new to channeling/auto-writing, and in fact I am very close to him and interact with him daily – he delivered the messaging in 121: Insight About My Work – About why I am walking between dimensions. But this time, we did full-on auto-writing together (as he says to me right now while I write this intro note: “tell them that I wanted to ‘try my HAND at it” (pun fully intended…. as he is thinking that he’s pretty funny and continues to laugh and crack himself up!). Initially, he was pointing out that I’m not very good at relaxing and chilling out. And by the end, you get to see the real guy that I know, who is funny as hell and decided to have some extra fun at my expense after the more serious topic got written.


As channeled:

“Sometimes there is just a pause. Where you don’t have to do anything and nothing’s going on. You don’t do this very well.

We came from different places, different backgrounds, and I think that I do better at this – I am better with the pauses than you.

You are all work, work, work! I get it. I understand why. But you would do well – it would help you – to stop and just enjoy a pause where nothing is going on. Where no work needs to be done.

Just sit back and enjoy what you see. Enjoy who you are with – I would do a lot more of that now (in your dimension) if I had to redo anything. I would enjoy things more – and not the complicated things or the “driven things” that you do.

Sit and look at nature. Notice stuff. Take it all in and don’t be skipping over stuff. Hear it, see it, experience it over and over while you can – because it’s not forever.

We are forever, but the situation that we are in (he and I being in two different dimensions) is not.

Enjoy the people that you like – because there will be a time when they can’t hear you, see you, feel you, or even notice you and respond to you – and that’s hard – because you have to accept it and try to let that go as best as you can. So take it in now – pause and do it right.

That way when you join me you will have done a healthy amount of it, and the pull backwards won’t feel as strong as it would on you. Pause and enjoy those around you that will pass before you. As well as those that you will pass back before they do!

Yah we (people in general) see each other again (when we pass back to spirit), but not quite like people think. We see each other again – at a high level yes we do, and yes we can – in time as people pass back and rejoin other dimensions.

I passed back too soon – and you and I have rejoined each other (across dimensions) as best as we can – and are continuing to increase how we can do it more and more – going deeper all the time (and learning how to work the system). And I love that – but I got here too soon – or it feels that way – maybe I should say more accurately that I LEFT THERE too soon (versus arriving somewhere).

The pauses where nothing seems to be going on – they are times for you to enjoy where you are and who you are with. They are times when we are together too – you and I work to get to each other, but we enjoy each other in pauses too.

When you feel me near, and there is no work to be done that you and I have to do together, then let’s enjoy the pause (enjoy the pause together too not just the work to cross dimensions). Because when they (higher spirits that channel) approach to work with you more, then I step back – even though I’m near. I’m watching and sometimes helping. It’s work but it’s fun – it’s fun to see what you get and what you don’t get. It’s kinda cool to watch.

They know me, they now you, and they know us. They know what motivates us, and they allow for it and are good to us. They will rejoin us – they know what to do.

You and I need to try to write more together – you are not writing everything that I tell you but I know you hear it. I know that you hear me telling you, and you are absorbing it – not sharing it – not sharing everything. (Eric: some things I just want private.)

But the stuff about pauses – that they (the pauses) are OK and you should use them and enjoy them more is important and you wrote that part – or maybe I should say WE wrote that part! Because my thoughts are flowing into your head, and you are just writing what you hear me tell you – it’s kinda funny actually to see you write my thoughts – the crazy shit that I should try to make you write just because you are trying to be so good at stepping aside and letting my thoughts be the ones that get to be written. Oh the fun shit I should say just to trip you up and make you laugh! But you’d probably edit that crap out on me!

It’s totally weird to feel like I am the one moving the pencil, but I’m not – I’m directing you by being kind of in your head – like I’ve taken over a space in your brain where your own thoughts would say what gets written down.

But it’s me instead! Fucking cool! The shit I want to tell the world! Shit that would totally freak them out – but someone would stop me because it wouldn’t be nice even though it would be funny as hell!! Uhh, so to speak – see I’m on a roll!!

We are flowing now – I think we have the hang of this – for now anyway – shit now I gotta be careful of what I say because you are writing it all down – damn now I gotta be careful! (He’s laughing pretty hard at this point – laughing at himself and this experience.)

Now you are stopping me – hey I didn’t say you could stop – somebody tell this guy to keep writing! (He can’t stop laughing – he’s cracking himself up!)”

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