122: About Shifting Awareness Further and Deeper – Instruction given

Intro note from Eric: I am sharing this posting so that others may benefit by it in their own ways. The communication below refers to going higher to different “zones” – which totally makes sense to me as a medium that shifts my consciousness from lower levels (more physical world) to higher levels (more spirit world). After the channeled information below, I am inserting a series of diagrams and explanation that uses a water/surface/air analogy to try to describe to you what it feels like to me. I am hoping that by giving you the metaphor of water/surface/air that you can get a better feel for the instruction I was given.

As channeled:

“Your people are those that float to your zone, whichever ‘zone’ you are in – and you can change that to a degree (as you go about living) within your dimension.

And you can be aware of those in other zones around you without being ‘of that zone’ or located in that particular zone even though you may not fully grasp what they are doing or what it is like in their zone.

  • This occurs naturally within your dimension.
  • This also is true of other dimensions.

Although there are natural barriers between certain dimensions where you yourself undergo a change… such as physical body to spirit body (incarnate to disincarnate body), which is the change that you are most aware of now because it is the next change that will come to you, (keep in) mind that there are others (dimensions) beyond that, which you will learn about in time.

It is true for us where we are, as it is true for you where you are, that we are aware of those around us in different zones, despite the natural dimensional boundaries.

The (dimensional) boundaries serve a purpose, but they do not, as you have seen, limit what can be perceived of those around you in different zones.

As your awareness grows, and as you desire to grow, your ability to shift your awareness further and deeper out to further zones out increases. You do this already to a degree, and more of that will come now. You will be finding yourself going further out now, and there is much more that we can show you now.

In your daily living you must continue to do that which is needed for your physical survival, and we will assist with that as always, so that you can work to stay at an elevated level, closer to the surface of where your physical dimension meets the next dimension. By keeping as close to the surface of your dimension, staying/”floating so to speak” as high as you can will allow you to perceive deeper into the further out zones that exist beyond the surface into the next dimensions.

It will be more difficult for you to try to perceive the next zones beyond if you are lower/involved at lower zones within your dimension… your perception skills would have to be sharper and stronger – and you would have to be able to sustain them harder to cut through zones above you in your dimension, and having to work from that zone level within your dimension is of little value – it is wasted work, but it will be natural that you may shift lower at times, as that is a natural part of learning to rise higher.

Stay higher as you can, surrounding yourself in places of higher light/energy/others/surroundings (higher zones). Your physical needs will be accounted for by ways that you may not fully understand at this time… but you are learning to trust in that, and your learning to trust will continue to deepen now as you stay higher, closer to the surface for sustained times, while maintaining yourself and the physical body.

All will be cared for while we help you to see, take in, perceive, and convey things of zones and dimensions beyond where you are now.

Your ability to stay as high up in the zones, at the edge of your dimension, will allow you to perceive as far out as you can without leaving your dimension. And over time, with added understanding of what you are seeing/perceiving, you will find that your perception skills increase.

That is all for now. Now you know why we ask you to work to sustain yourself as close as you can to the surface for as long as you can while respecting the fact that you must maintain your physical body and must maintain your presence within your dimension so that you can share and transfer what is perceived.”


Further Explanation

This explanation is from me, Eric, but as I was writing it I recognized that some wording and thoughts, as I wrote, (particularly in Part 3) were not fully mine. But I cannot fully say, WHICH ONES – it was a very co-writing experience that was occurring – which I did not anticipate, but that I want to call out up front. Now let me work to provide additional explanation so that the information in this posting can make more sense to you.


Part 1: This first diagram is attempting to give you an idea of how I see what is referenced as “zones.” While many of us are here in a single, incarnate dimension, the use of the concept of zones is calling out a reference to similar souls grouping together – aggregations of souls that have an affinity to each other in the ways they think, act, what they focus on, etc. The concept of zones is exactly related to what is described in Getting Started 8: Guiding Principle – Like attracts like. In the channeled message, the reference to “your people” is a reference to other people like me, that I find an affinity to, and that are similar to me – these are “my people.” They are the people that I prefer to surround myself with, who think/behave like I do – and are not necessarily always in same physical/geographic location. In fact lately, I have realized that the concept of “my people” is NOT RESTRICTED those in this incarnate dimension either!

In this diagram I also want to call out multiple dimensions, and I want to specifically illustrate the physical and spirit (the incarnate/disincarnate) dimension boundary. This diagram calls out that there are zones in each. The diagram is calling out that awareness/consciousness of others in other zones is not restricted to only your current dimension of residence.


Part 2: In this second diagram, I am calling out that that the instruction given in this channeled message is to aim to be in as high of a zone, within my current dimension-of-residence, as possible, and work to sustain it as much as possible so that I can see further ahead. Being lower would make things murkier and harder to see. The message also calls out that in order to have physical survival to keep in mind that it is natural, from time-to-time, to find yourself at lower more physically focused levels.

The instruction is to then, as you can, “float” upwards when you can again – this is a call out to not be disappointed when you find yourself no longer closer to the surface. Because there is a bit of a high or euphoria that comes with the higher zones (no I’m not on drugs!), and it can be a bit of a bummer to find yourself back in zones and with others that are not “into” the higher zone living, thinking, ways of being and interacting.


Part 3: People talk about “vibrating higher,” and I think this has a very close connection to those concepts – although I think that many people would differ on the exact way in which they define higher vibes.

But here, in this discussion, I want to call out the reference to Upward Vibes and what I am meaning by that. I want to give you a better understanding and a more tangible understanding of what that means to me and what that feels like to me, so that maybe it will help others relate to what is already occurring for them, or to recognize it when it does occur, or even as something to understand and aim for in their own way.

From my experience, upping my vibes means releasing the focus of my consciousness on things of the denser, physical world where we are focused on survival of the physical body. A certain amount of our energy and efforts must be placed on this – well, because we have to survive in the body. But the physical, incarnate world and its cultures make you feel like you have to do SO MUCH MORE of it than that you do. The cultures and the mindset would have you believe that in order to be successful, happy, and to grow in positive ways that these things are all driven by having your conscious mind focused on your incarnate physical surroundings, having a consumerist mindset where life and living focus on your ability to consume things (goods, services, lifestyles, etc.). Adding on top of that, there is a mindset that we find too often, when we focus our consciousness on the more dense, physical aspects of our dimension. And that is we find people functioning in a service-to-self mode where their consciousness and life efforts are aimed at interacting with their dimension in a “what can it do for me?” mode.

It has been my experience that when you interact with higher dimensions (beyond the incarnate), and even higher zones within dimensions, you find that your consciousness is focused increasingly in very different ways.

As I experience higher zones and higher dimensions, I find that the focus carries a strong awareness of the fact that there are worlds beyond the dense, physical, incarnate world. In my experience, there is much more recognition that there is so much more. And it has been my experience that as souls have that recognition, that as they go higher in their own zones, there is a very significant shift away from service-to-self and instead a focus on service-to-others. I also find that they are not focused on consumerism thinking, but rather are focused on soul development – which is a focus inward into ones’ own soul and inner self.

So, from my experience, I define Upward Vibes to be the process we take when we each shift the focus of our consciousness from lower and aim to sustain it at higher levels, as much as we can given our current dimensions-of-residence. Upward Vibes recognizes that there will be up and down movement for each of us, as we exist in our physical bodies, surviving within the physicality of our dimension. Upward Vibes recognizes, however, that we have free will to focus our consciousness and choose to experience higher – more elevated – ways of how we think and how we behave. Upward Vibes recognizes that there are others more developed, and that even though we may not see them, that they are there, they can be with us, and that in some cases they are working with us and can guide us to higher – more elevated development.


Bringing it Together: So that is my attempt to help give you an understanding of how I perceive things, and it is also my attempt to give you the right context for what this particular message is instructing me to do.

For me, the instruction that came to me through this message is telling me to swim up to the top and to try and stay there as much as possible, because I will have more clear perceptions of things that they want to show me. Now, I have to tell you that I have absolutely no idea of what they are going to show me, tell me, or give me an experience of. I do not always get information in advance – in fact it is rare when I do. It feels to me that they know that if I knew in advance, that I would likely generate preconceive ideas stuck in my head, and that would stand in the way of me “getting it” in the way that they want me to “get it.”

With this message of “swim to the top and work to stay there so that we can show you things” – they are also working to assure me that my physical needs will be taken care of – which requires a lot of trust. Let me be clear – I still need to earn a living so that I can pay my bills and survive, and earning a living in this incarnate dimension does require me to focus my consciousness in ways that I have described as “lower” in the Upward Vibes continuum. It is NOT EASY, and they are telling me to trust and not to try to figure out how it will all work – to leave it to them. (I’m an analyst type – and it is always so tempting for me to want to understand how everything works!) And to date, they have never failed me – and through much more difficult times that I have had in life they have never failed me.

So here I go. I can’t tell you in advance what I will find, but I do know that they likely intend it to be shared!


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