120: Guidance on Forgiveness – The spirit perspective

As channeled:

“Forgiveness, as a concept, is understood to too shallow of a level (in the current incarnate dimension).

It is an act and an action that provides release. It is not limited to words – words with no action mean nothing… as is true with many things. Words of forgiveness without action do not achieve release!

And release is the goal… but not necessarily in the way that those in the incarnate consider it to be.

Too many see the concept of forgiveness as a selfless act and a giving away of power, and a giving away of justice being served. Forgiveness is different than that! That is not what forgiveness is about, and too many in the incarnate dimension do not understand – and have been cheated out of the opportunity to understand!

Forgiveness, you see, is about a release of the energetic hold onto past paths that did not go as maybe you had hoped, or as you look back and wish, or as you had preferred.

You can only act from where you are on your current path. Blocking forgiveness holds you to that old place, that old path. It hinders your development forward as if an anchor is tied to you – not allowing you to sail forward.

Without release (achieved through forgiveness) it is a constant burden to take with you as you go (or as you could be going) down your next paths and opportunities for higher and brighter soul development.

  • A lack of forgiveness is stagnation.
  • The learning is not complete.

Adding more and more (of these kinds of) energetic ties only worsens the circumstance for the soul that cannot release! A lack of forgiveness, you see, is a rumination whether actively ruminated in your conscious or not (or pushed back to more subconscious levels).

The energetic tie is there. It is heavy. And it can only be released by you. And you can choose to grow and learn your way out of a circumstance that feels negative – you can do it now during your incarnate life. Or you can stagnate yourself until you pass back to spirit… And when you find yourself back in the spirit world you will find that physical death did not release you from the stagnation! No – to the contrary. Once back to spirit, you will find yourself confronted with the same stagnation, the same opportunity for growth. You will find that leaving the incarnate body released none of it, and you can choose to act or not act upon it from spirit.

You may find, however, that from spirit it may be more difficult to communicate to those still incarnate – if communicating with those still incarnate is part of your personal path of forgiveness and release.

As with so much regarding your growth and development – the choice remains up to you. The action and the steps forward remain up to you – but you will find that help and assistance are yours once you take the steps forward. But the steps forward must be done by you alone.

You see, this is the way with soul development – much as we have been explaining.

So as you find lack of forgiveness a challenge, stop and look at it. See its energetic grip holding you back to a path that you are no longer on as you once were or appeared to be.

Look at the energetic ties. Lift them off of you, and step forward. Release. This is forgiveness.”

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