109: The purely social side of interactions across dimensions

This posting is not channeled, it is just information from me.

As I read through the content on Beyond Perspective, I see that so many of the topics are very heavy. Many topics feel so serious: learning, soul development, work, work, and more work. Sure, I think that these are important, and there is so much that I (we) have to share that it really does come across quite heavy.

But sometimes interactions with those in spirit are just very social in nature. Communications or experiences that I have with those in other dimensions-of-residence can be purely for being social, sharing love, just being close, or being intimate despite the dimensional boundaries that exist. It has been my experience that souls, regardless of their dimension-of-residence, are by nature social in very similar ways to how we incarnate souls are in this (incarnate) dimension.

It is certainly possible to learn and develop from these social interactions. But the intent or what instigated the interactions may be purely social in nature. So by no means do I ever want to imply in Beyond Perspective that mediumship and interactions with spirits are heavy and serious and goal-oriented at all times. But even through social interactions you can pick up new information that gives you aha moments or insights. But hey, we do that here in our dimension too!

Sometimes it is just all about: LOVE, FUN, & TOGETHERNESS!

I think that after death communications naturally take on a serious flavor because often when people are most open to having these experiences (through a medium or otherwise), they are grieving a person that has passed to a different dimension-of-residence. Grief is a hard, hard topic. I miss my guy being with me every day. I do understand. Grief is a heavy topic, and it opens many up to consider life-after-death and the possibility that communications can continue (albeit changed due to the dimensional boundaries).

Beyond grief and topics of personal growth/soul development, I just want to point out that there is a pure social, fun, love, and togetherness capacity to mediumship and communications/experiences that I have and that you may also experience.

If you are grieving, this can be hard to take in – just the pure fun – because grief is emotionally consuming. As you experience more and more communications with your loved one, the grief does not go away. But you learn to manage it to the point where you can also take in the thrill of having fun with them again, despite the dimensional boundaries. You BOTH work to manage the dimensional boundaries, and you can find ways to enjoy each other!

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