107: About connections with others

As channeled:

“Choose those around you – those that you are connected to – carefully and be mindful and aware of who they are and what they bring to you through your connectivity to them.

Do they bring you health and happiness? Do they lighten your load that you carry, do they inspire you to be better? Are you PROUD of them? Do they reflect what is good, positive, and joyful in your world/dimension?

Or do they prove themselves “otherwise?”

Take a look. Stand back and look with your eyes and see with your soul. What do you see?

As you grow yourselves and develop your soul further to higher and brighter, it becomes more difficult to maintain connections to those that prove themselves “otherwise.” You grow, you see more, and you see more that you can no longer cover up as easily as you did before.

(Eric: the remainder is to me personally, but I am choosing to share)

Your connections to us, and your increasing understanding of your place in the Collective of Souls, brings us (and the reality of our Collective world and of our ways) closer together. Our closeness, our clearer connection with you alters the way that you see your world now. And as this happens more and more, you see the others around you differently. Their control over you, the impact they make on you changes. Those that prove themselves to be more in line with the Collective and behave in ways of the Collective come nearer to you or more important to you. Those that do not, they seem to fade to the background or fade out of your reality and environment.

You are evolving your self – your soul – and naturally your relationships, connections, and placement within the Collective shifts – we are always shifting and growing and expanding onward to higher and brighter. This is not something that needs to trigger fear or angst. All is well, you are guided – well guided and guarded – you are already aware of this. You know that you are never alone – not even alone inside of your internal world. We are very intimately connected – because of your clarity and desire to learn, we are able to be connected with greater strength and clarity.

Do you see how the others around you have not shunned you – as you expected? Do you see how there are many that embrace and support and are excited by the openness and by what we can share through you and our work together?

We know that you see this. We are equally excited by it, and it is our joy to be able to share, to teach, to show, to communicate with so many souls in your dimension that have otherwise been blocked and deprived of the opportunity to access better and deeper knowledge of what is real about us as souls.

Your world thirsts for this. And we are excited to answer to this call and share through you and to work with you to bring about the increased abilities of others so that they can know – know beyond just reading and hearing what is delivered through you. So that their souls can be triggered to their own connection with us – the Collective – and those that watch over each one of them.

To work to increase their recognition, understanding, to spark their skills, to provide a place of learning / knowledge / resource is what we seek to accomplish through you.

You are not alone – there are others (that are in communication), but your extreme love for him has catapulted your growth at such a rapid rate that the channel through you – which was built with the purest of love for him (and him for you) was a beautiful calling to us. We cannot ignore your channel – it is bright and strong and your intent is love. Likewise his love for you is the same.

This is a strong, clear connection that you both enjoy so much, and that you both have been so willing to open up for the greater good of the Collective of Souls to use to break through into your world/dimension. Your connection, built of love and built with a love so clear so cleanly intended – is a joy/pleasure to be a part of. The connections that you both have made at your dimension levels are rare and beautiful. We enjoy them with you – they are attractive to us.

And, together, we can add further insight and foster more growth, development through the channel that you two have created out of your pure love and quest for each other.

You see, your connection and the choices you have made, using your free will to manage your connections, has created something beautiful and very useful for yourselves and for the Collective.

You no longer fear that he will go away or be taken away from you. And, likewise, he knows that he has you completely while also being able to share you with us – and with happiness, humor, and love he shares you with us. It gives him great pleasure to share you and share himself with his former world/dimension and with those that are in the nearby dimensions that the two of you will, joined together again, go as one into once our work together has been accomplished.

Now that you are once again focused and in a clear space, we begin our work together (with you) again.”

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