106: Soul development does not adhere to a time schedule

This is one that I constantly need to keep in mind; it likely applies to us all!

As channeled:

“Developing yourselves in light of understanding yourselves as souls does not comply to the timing standards – that you may wish to apply for your own conveniences – of your incarnate dimension.

Quite the opposite.

Development happens with each new enlightenment, each new discovery that you make about yourselves as souls.  With each new insight comes new perception of what is real, and insight of the world that you live in, and the worlds that we all live in.

It is an ongoing process of onward to higher and brighter. It is NOT a rush.

As you grow and develop in this way, you will learn the enjoyment that comes with each enlightenment (big or small that it may be) and the enjoyment of taking in your new insight / vision / perception / reality.

It is enjoyable and desirable to sit in it – soak in it – letting it seep into yourselves.  You want it to become a part of you that carries onward, and to rush this would be naive as you have then not learned this basic lesson and you will most certainly stunt yourself from attaining the levels that you can obtain.

So this idea of rushing, you see, is a false one, and you should work to avoid this downfall.

Take in the lesson and the pleasure of the insight and advancement that comes with it.  When the enjoyment and insight of having been advanced fades into you and becomes part of who you are as a soul, then you begin moving onward.

It must be taken in, become part of you.  This cannot be rushed – it has it’s own timing.

You will learn to recognize it.  This is how souls develop.

No advanced skills come to those who cannot understand and respect the process.  Advanced skills are paired with safety and proper intentions – this works to mange the impact to all (Eric: meaning all of the Collective of Souls).

A rushed approach to self-development without appropriate pace of one’s soul development impacts us all – and that cannot be allowed to happen, it should not happen.

Do you see now how attempting to insert time constraints of your (incarnate) dimension cannot be and should not be in control?  Time is yours; it does not govern the Collective.

So now that you know this, learn to understand your own pace.  See the opportunity before you.  Notice your willingness to walk into it or desire to avoid it.  Notice it and if you are not ready, then do not deny that it is there in front of you.  Prepare and know it is there waiting for you.  Prepare.  Then step forward and look at it once again.  Step into it when you have become ready.”

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