105: Intent is Everything – Actively monitor and manage your intentions

This posting is not channeled, it is information from me, based upon what I have learned through my experiences.

So much needs to be said about the importance and power of your intentions. I anticipate that I will need to continue to add more information about the power of intentions over time. For now, allow me to use this posting as a starting point.

I will focus on the importance of intentions as you seek to interact with those outside of the incarnate dimension, although intentions are certainly important considerations for interactions within the incarnate dimension.


First: I have found that it is important to monitor/manage your intent before, during, and at the closure of your interactions.

  • I have found this to be true when I send callouts to those in spirit.
  • I have found this to be true when I perceive/sense and respond to callouts from those in spirit (directed to me or ones that I overhear).
  • I have found it important to keep in mind during interactions as I take in information expressed by those in spirit and as I react and express myself to them.
  • I think that it is in very good taste/etiquette to consider intentions as you close out the communication.  I feel that there are various ways to achieve this even if the closing happens quite quickly, or if line of communication gets broken unexpectedly, or if a more purposeful or distinct social closure is experienced. I think that in each of these cases, your intentions are important as you close out of the communication – even if you close it out after the line of communication has stopped. The closure/departure sets the tone of what is experienced and remembered by all involved. It can set a tone for the relationship – just as it does here in the incarnate dimension.


Second, please recall two important items from the Getting Started section:

  • Lying, deception, and your intentions can be seen.
  • You cannot hide your thoughts for the most part, they can read them quite readily.

Taken a step further, consider that intentions are important for some of the very same reasons as when interacting with others here in this incarnate dimension! Consider that your intentions have implications to how others will perceive:

  • Why you are trying to interact with to them;
  • What you want from them; and
  • Provide reasons for the other person to engage or not engage in the activity (based upon the other person’s current abilities and availability to respond).

Within this incarnate dimension, intentions can be very difficult to see and decipher. But when communicating to those outside of the incarnate dimension, your intentions can be seen and understood quite clearly! And they may be understood more than you, yourself, are consciously understanding them. Given this, can you see how the rules of social engagement (that you know and use in this incarnate dimension) suddenly change – and how actively monitoring and managing your intentions becomes a very new and very important and skill to shift into high gear?

This is an art, not a science. There is no one way to do this, no one-size-fits-all. It is a social skill and social art that will impact how well you can communicate, who chooses to communicate with you (given their ability and availability), and what gets communicated. You will likely find that you have your own style that fits your own personality.

I can tell that you my own skills regarding monitoring and managing my intent have not achieved perfection. I always seem to find new places to learn and grow. And I expect that there may be no end, no perfection. Instead, I view it as a constant art that is developed.

If I were able to talk with you in person, I would try to assist you to achieve your own clarity regarding your intentions by exploring topics such as:

  • Who are you reaching toward?
  • What do you want to accomplish with a communication?
  • What are you looking for as an outcome, longer term?
  • What is motivating you to do this?
  • How do you think they might respond?
  • What impact might you have on that other soul?
  • Do you have specific expectations of what you want communicated back to you and how?
  • Have you done any work to set the stage to create as safe of an environment as you can so that mischievous/ill-intended spirits will not be as apt to try to deceive you?

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: Keep in mind some additional concepts from the Getting Started section.

  • Like attracts like. If you are ill intended, you could very well attract spirits to you that are also ill intended. Similarly, positive intentions based on pure love work to attract the same.
  • It is important to keep in mind that spirits, particularly ones that may have questionable intensions, ARE able to try to deceive/lie/skew the truth to us in the incarnate dimension in ways that they could not pull off with others in the spirit dimension(s). So if you are attracting these types, you should question the value of the communication and experiences they provide!


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