104: Mediumship and the Collective of Souls

The last posting covered what I describe as the Collective of Souls, which I wanted to share as an important topic in general, but that I wanted to share because it provides what I feel is both pivotal (everything pivots off of the concept of the Collective) and foundational (the Collective is the underlying support structure) for understanding how mediumship works. (Forgive my overemphasis on the wording, but in this case I wanted to make sure that you took both words into consideration and that you didn’t gloss over them while reading – because, as an infamous speed reader, I would have!)

Now I can build upon those concepts and work to describe, to the best of my knowledge and based upon how things appear to work for me, how communications and experiences with spirit happen. I want to attempt to provide to you, some of the basic underlying concepts that I perceive. I want to provide this to you in a structured format that is as succinct and straightforward as I possibly can, given how esoteric and otherworldly this topic is! I want to try to bring some of “the way we think and learn in this dimension” to the table.

However amazing my stick figure diagrams may be (or not!), it may be helpful to suspend what you know as your reality of how this dimension works in order to understand a reality (realities) of how things work in other dimensions and across dimensions. A few tips (strongly suggested recommendations) that I think may be helpful to you to keep in mind:

  • What you know of your world in this dimension often creates a barrier for you when trying to take in (new) information that may not comply with the rules/order of what you know.
  • Holding too closely to what you know of your world in this dimension and trying to relate and directly tie these (new) concepts back may likely create a barrier.

Over time and more postings, I anticipate that I will continue to layer in more of these concepts, but for now allow me to get some basics covered.


Diagrams of experiences and communications as a medium

The last posting (Collective of Souls) leaves off with Exhibit D, which is where I want to begin in this posting – using Exhibit E. They are the same diagram. I will cover this diagram again, but less in light of the Collective and more in light of how mediumship works – at least for me. I will then start adding new concepts to it to build forward.


Exhibit E. Baseline understanding

Exhibit E is in this posting is the same as Exhibit D in the prior posting (Collective of Souls).   It is just easier for me to keep things straight if I begin this new sequence with a fresh start, rather than have you flip back to a prior posting for reference.

For the last posting, the purpose of this diagram was to show that there is a space between our incarnate dimension and the light (the Between Space), and that souls do spend time there and do exist there. And that can be an OK thing.

But now, as we begin this new topic, I want to call attention to a core tenet of the Collection of Souls: We are all, regardless of our dimension-of-residence, part of the same, single network of all souls. If you look at this diagram, and ignore the boundary lines that superimpose dimensions-of-residence, you will see just a scattering of the stick-persons. Ignore these lines, and see that we are all just “there” on the page.

When we begin to insert dimensions-of-residence back into the picture, we insert boundaries that exist. And I have so much to learn – likely an unending learning task from what I have seen – about what the boundaries are and why they are the way they are. I will not be so arrogant as to say that I have a full understanding of them, because I don’t. (I also do not perceive them to be fully fixed and adhering to a never-changing set of rules – but that is another posting down the line perhaps, and I have much to learn for myself before I could attempt to do justice to that topic.)

But for this topic – understanding how mediumship works in light of the Collection – I want to focus on the fact that I feel that all souls have the ability to communicate with one another. (What each can communicate and how each can communicate may vary, but I feel that we all “can.”) Some may be more skilled, more practiced, or more specialized in it. More importantly, some souls may just have a lot more INTEREST in doing this! For some souls, it may just not be very interesting to try to develop this. I happen to be more on the extreme (shocking I know), and I cannot get enough of it. Once I was able to drop my assumptions and see how it worked, the experiences that followed allowed me to choose to go further and onward, and my interest never seems to wane.

Mediumship is the skill, the passion, and the ability to communicate with other souls across the boundaries that are inserted between dimensions-of-residence.

In essence, it is not different than many other skills and talents that we have as individuals.


Exhibit F. Communicating across dimensions

The intent of Exhibit F is to point out that mediumship includes communications between souls, regardless of which dimension-of-residence the soul is in. In this highly simplified diagram, I am pointing out communications from me/you in our incarnate dimension to a soul that is disincarnate but not yet through beyond the light, or to a soul that is disincarnate that has gone beyond the light.

So what is the third arrow – the one that points to the boundary line that depicts the light? My intent with this arrow is to point out a difference between communications with spirit and experiences that you may have with spirit. The prior posting (Collective of Souls) discussed the difference between these two. I won’t spend the time here to go over it again.

Instead, I would rather point out one of my interactions with spirit that was an experience, which is what this line represents as a possibility. I included this line because interactions with spirit are NOT always communication oriented. Sometimes the spirit may have other intentions – showing or teaching by allowing you to experience. One of my experiences was that I was communicating with a spirit that guides me and helps me to grow and to be safe while growing and learning. And that communication faded out as an experience began to take over. Recall from the prior posting that experiences, for me, often include my consciousness being shifted away from the (incarnate) dimension around me while it is refocused on a dimension that is not where my body is located. My senses (pardon the pun) of this incarnate dimension are in tact but fade to the back, while new senses of the experience fade to the front. For this particular experience, I was brought close to the light. I was brought into proximity with it so that I could perceive it, feel it, take it in using the non-physical senses that were available to me that did not require incarnate bodily senses. That was the experience – I was brought into proximity with the light and allowed to perceive it and take it in. Simple description – taken to the light and brought back. But the experience was about all of the perceptions that I was able to take in. I would digress out of the purpose of this posting if I was to go on to share details of what I took in, but let me just say the light feels good and you WANT it.

Part of what I was learning that may be helpful for you to know (and that relates directly to the Between Space that I have discussed and that is represented in this diagram) is the answer to: “If it feels so good and you WANT it that much, then why do all souls not go right to it and through it right away?” My understanding is that the reasons vary soul to soul. Sometimes there are other things a soul may want or need MORE than the light at whatever stage of soul development they may be in. This was important for me to know and to learn as it directly relates to the one I love.


Exhibit G. Expanded view of dimensions beyond the light

The intent of Exhibit G is to bring attention the fact that I am oversimplifying the area beyond the light. My experiences have shown me that it is not just a single dimension after the light. The area beyond the light is multidimensional. Really, this is the intent of the diagram – just to point out and discuss multidimensionality – and the diagram is still seriously oversimplified. So allow me to give you more.

The advanced spirit that channels some of the content of Beyond Perspective has helped me to perceive the multi-dimensionality that exists beyond the light, “up” to where he is in his dimension. I have not spent much time in each of these dimensions to be able to understand them enough let alone to define or document them. The experience he gave me in order to learn is probably better defined as a journey-experience of traveling from the incarnate dimension all the way to his, looking around at souls as we passed “onward and upward” (for lack of better terms), and then, once arriving, looking backward from his dimension back to ours. It was less about learning about the surroundings and inclusions of the dimension(s). It was more about perceiving where I am, where he is, and that there is still more beyond him. It was also more about getting an understanding of/feeling for a force that acts as a pull or suction of souls “upward” – something that those in higher dimensions (or higher levels of advancement) create and/or radiate that generates a pull or suction force that inherently pulls us forward (“upward”) to our next dimension of development. The force is what is referenced in the Getting Started section – Guiding Principle: Understanding love as a powerful governing force.


Exhibit H. Communications go both directions

The intent of Exhibit H is to call out something pretty basic, but that my green arrows have not displayed. Until this point, my arrows have indicated one-way communications away from you/me toward spirits in other dimensions-of-residence, etc. In this diagram I make just one change, and that is to make the green arrows have two pointed ends. My purpose is to make sure that I call out that communications between souls can and do go both ways. As a medium, my experiences are that soul-to-soul communications are fluid and go back and forth, just like we do here within our incarnate dimension.

I have held this back because I wanted to get other concepts in place first, before I make note that communications between souls, and specifically call-outs from one soul to another, can be activated both ways. It is our ability to hear, recognize, and/or understand them given the differences in our dimensions-of-residence that are the challenge – the skill.

As you begin to think about communications and call-outs that may occur for you, personally, and the Collective of Souls, I think it is important to call out how to begin recognizing them and working with them.

  • First, mediumship skills do not begin “advanced.” Do not expect to hear entire phrases, have full conversations, etc. to come across the dimension boundaries right off the bat. Skills in general just don’t work this way – regardless of aptitude, we have to develop and work with what we have and work to expand and develop to more advanced levels of anything we do. This is true with spirit communication. And your intentions are critical – recall the Getting Started section of Lying and Deception (and intentions) can be seen. So for anyone that would intend to misuse this skill – beware.
  • Second, spirit interactions have cadence to them, not unlike how we learn to communicate here within our incarnate dimension. Communications start simple, and they grow according to a cadence that becomes established as one communicator sends a message (in whatever format that works) to the receiving soul, and the receiving soul perceives it and sends a message back (in whatever format works which may NOT be the same as the message that was sent originally). The cadence goes back and forth, according to the interests, skills, etc. between the two souls. And the dance goes from there.
  • Third, spirit communications are not summoned (on demand) by the incarnate. Nor should they be demanded by us here in a “lower” dimension to those that are “higher.” We can specify and make our desires known, and the spirits likely will know them. Not unlike communications within the incarnate dimension, we can call out to another soul but we cannot demand or summon them to respond according to the timing or format that we would demand of them (without the ability to apply force). Mediumship skills and spirit communications have their own timings, and we have to respect that as part of the process. Understand, and approach the process with open expectations and allow the other soul to choose their methods according to their skills, needs and preferences. Remember that disincarnate souls are individuals with their own personalities, idiosyncrasies, etc. just as we incarnate souls are. Also remember, that TIME is not the same for the disincarnate as it is the incarnate.

Learn to recognize communications. Julia Assante’s book titled “The Last Frontier” provides excellent, matter of fact, descriptions of common types of spirit communication that you might encounter when learning to recognize communications that are coming your way. Her book begins with discussions about “we do not die,” but it is the later chapters where she provides these descriptions. I do not know Julia, but I know when I read someone who is excellent at putting words to things in a way very similar to how I have experienced them. No need for me to attempt repeat all of her hard work!


Exhibit I. Communications can occur when souls cross dimensions

The intent of Exhibit I is to call attention to the movement of souls across dimensions (lines). When thinking about interactions with spirits, you should not assume that a soul ALWAYS stays in their own dimension-of-residence when they communicate. From my experiences, they may be in their own dimension, but they could be in other dimensions – including being in our incarnate dimension. (And often standing right next to us when they are doing it!) From my experiences, they are able to come and go differently than we can. (More on this in later postings.)

And as the diagram also shows, there can be multiple spirits with you, each taking part in the back-and-forth communication. Sometimes we can pick up on everyone who is there with us communicating or waiting to take part in communications. But sometimes one or two spirits dominate the communications while others are present but are “standing back” and allowing those with more pressing needs to be the foremost communicator(s).

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