1. Who is the source for Beyond Perspective?

Microphone on a tableTo start things off, I think it is important to answer the question “Who is the source/ the speaker for the content that is included in Beyond Perspective?

The short answer is that at the launch of Beyond Perspective, there are several contributing sources, even though the topics and content have not been fully determined in advance:

  • I will be a source and speaker.  My purpose is to share what I have learned through my communications and experiences with spirits and their world(s).  And there are topics that I will need to introduce in order to provide background information—such as this Getting Started section.  My objective is to share my inside world as a medium so that more people can understand that the world is so much more than “what meets the human eye.”  I want to show you that what is around you may be much more than you have learned or considered!
  • More importantly, there is spirit that has been connecting to me, as noted on the About page.  He is strong, clear, very advanced, and very succinct.  He feels very male to me, so I will refer to him in the masculine.  He is the key impetus for me to launch Beyond Perspective.  You will see a quote from him on the main page of this site (shown in the text box).  I have been connected to him and communicating with him for some time, and I know that he has much that he wants to share.  Being connected to him, I am able to feel that he has topics lining up, even though I am not privy to exactly what they are yet.  I will work as a channel for him, for as long as he wishes to connect and deliver information.  I will work to share his information as channeled, as well as any supporting information from the experience, which will likely include his personality, love, support, and importantly his humor and they are often important components to be considered.  He feels serious, yet he is so loving and witty at the same time—I hope that I can do justice and share him as fully as I get to experience him.  He makes it enjoyable to be pushed to grow and evolve!
  • There are other spirits that I connect with on a regular basis, and others that I anticipate will come onto the radar screen as Beyond Perspective evolves after launch.  I will share what I learn from them, the experiences that I have with them, their insight, wisdom, their wit, …their perspectives.

After this Getting Started section, the content for the Perspectives page has not been determined in advance.  Topics will flow in the order that they arrive and are to be delivered.  I will note the source of the information, as best I can, as I know it to be, so that you can understand the content in the context of the source.  Caveat:  I anticipate that there will be times that I need to insert comments or background information to help clarify, but I will make it clear what is coming from me.

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