Inside a Medium’s World: Guidance for making sense of life in this world from spirits who have passed beyond it

Glasses held against a blue skyI am a different kind of medium than what you might expect.

  • I Am More About: Listening, learning, and actively sharing.
  • I Am Less About: Connecting individuals to loved ones through sessions.
  • (Not that these two things do not blend at times, or go hand-in-hand.)

Can I and have I done readings? Yes, but on a limited basis. What fascinates me more, where my abilities seem to be more focused / refined, and where I may be of most value to others, is what I am able to understand and learn from interactions with those who exist (or have passed back and now exist) in spirit.

Since they are not constrained by the same rules of our incarnate (more dense) dimension, the perspective / insight / education they are able to convey to me keeps me constantly expanding what I understand to be real and reality. I give myself over to those that guide me, continually share their wisdom with me, and work to expand me so that they may reach wider audiences.

My objective for Beyond Perspective is to do my best to translate my communications and experiences into written English. Only rarely do I experience communications and my own education from spirit via the means of written word. With Beyond Perspective, I am working to translate them into written English—a constant goal that requires me to use a finite set of words to describe experiences that really bankrupt our language skills here in this world!


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